Difitnah Oleh Tim Buzzer Ahok, Ini Ancaman Keras Yang Dilayangkan Anonymous Internasional

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Sebuah video menjadi viral lantaran berisi ancaman yang dilayangkan oleh Anonymous Internasional. Dalam video tersebut pihak Anonymous mengancam tim Buzzer Ahok dikarenakan telah mencatut nama mereka dalam video mengenai kasus Habib Rizieq dan Firza Husein.

Difitnah Oleh Tim Buzzer Ahok, Ini Ancaman Keras Yang Dilayangkan Anonymous Internasional

Dengan tegas mereka menyatakan bahwa video dan teks Whatsapp tersebut bukanlah milik mereka.

“Video dan teks WhatsApp itu bukan milik kami,” tegas Anonymous.

Jika terbukti mencatut nama mereka lagi, pihak Anonymous Internasional akan menyerang tim Buzzer dengan membajak dan membocorkan database serta mengambil alih sistem website milik Buzzer.

“Kami akan memanggil pasukan Anonymous untuk meng-hack, membajak, membocorkan database, dan mengambil alih semua website Buzzer Ahok. Peringatan terakhir, jangan berani mambawa lagi nama kami untuk kepentingan permusuhan kalian,” ancam Anonymous dalam video salinan yang diunggah di Youtube, Kamis (9/2/2017).

Berikut adalah kutipan isi dari pernyataan Anonymous Internasional

Greeting citizen of the world, we are anonymous.

People of Indonesia, it has come to our attention as we’ve heard that Ahox Buzzer Team has mention us on their video and whatsapp text about Habib Riziq and Firza scandal.

We deny it, the video and whatsapp text does not belong to me.

We may defend, but we cannot take some politics problem in your country. As you now anonymous has been watching you.

You have seen a fair warning from us by contain free speech and life right for the further assault.

Ahox Buzzer!

If you still insist on bringing our name in your hostility then be prepared to face our attack to block your entire online media.

We are ready to give peace to thoose in need and we are ready to ruin those who want it.

We will call all anonymous collectives to hack, hijack, databes leak, main take over all buzzer ahox websites.

Last warning! do not dare bringing our name in hostility.

We are anonymous. We are legion, united by one. Devided by zero. We do not forgive. We do not forget it is too late to expect us.

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